Working with tickets

Chat ratings now include additional comment option

To get a little more insight into your customers’ chat experience, we’ve added the option to add an additional comment in form of a text field. The comment will be visible just below the rating you’ve received, like shown in the image below:

Convert emails to support tickets

Private emails from customers – especially when you work with Customer Success – is as we all know inevitable. By using our new Outlook add-in, you’ll be able to convert emails to customer support tickets in just a few clicks. Follow the instructions in the video below to see how […]

Transaction information from Voyado CRM

This new integration allows you to do a quick lookup to see your customers’ latest transactions and messages from Voyado CRM. If you already have a Voyado account and an API key, simply log in as admin and navigate to Settings > Integrations in Socialboards and add the relevant information […]

Linked tickets counter

Grouping your tickets can be done in multiple ways in Socialboards. In addition to categories, tags and custom fields, we also include a function to directly link two or more tickets together. Once your tickets are connected, we now show an indicator in the new right-side toolbar to give you […]

New toolbar shows customer activity

The new toolbar gives you a quick and easy overview of your customer’s activity, without unnecessary clicks. A counter is placed on the top element in the toolbar, together with a shortlist of the 5 latest tickets from this person.