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Control your queues in Zisson interact directly from Socialboards

Applies to: Socialboards❤️Zisson clients, administrators As a multi-channel contact center solution, Zisson Interact lets you handle all your customer dialog from within one application. Our new integration lets you control a support ticket, directly from your Socialboard. Simply map two or more categories to your queues, and your agent will […]

Customer service release

See which widget a chat came from

Applies to: Chat tickets, Support Widget, Inbox As you might now, Socialboards allows you to add as many different chat widgets as you want to your website. The ticket feed now includes the name of the widget that the customer used when contacted you.

Customer service release

Include custom field values in emails automatically

Applies to: internal forms and forwarding When you’re creating tickets from within the inbox, you have the option to send a copy of the information to the client. As of today, you can manually decide to include custom fields as well. This is what this process looks like from an […]