Customer service release

March 2023 release summary

We are excited to share the latest updates and improvements to our SaaS product. This is a summary of our March 2023 release:

New Integrations:

  • We’ve added a new Socialboards + Genesys Cloud integration, which allows you to add tickets into queues to handle everything in one place.
  • Customers using our Azure AD integration can now use single sign-on with the SSO for AD users feature.

Customfields Upgrade:

  • Customfields has undergone a significant upgrade, now with the added feature of using rules to set conditions that control which fields are displayed based on previous selections made by users. You can also choose fields from a library or create your own for reuse across multiple forms and settings.

Socialboards + Zisson Integration Upgrade:

  • We’ve added ticketsource to mapping rules in the Socialboards + Zisson integration.

Fixes and Smaller Improvements:

  • Multiple SoMe fixes to handle reactions, posts, and replies better. You can now see reactions without pressing the “See likes” link, and we’ve added avatars to Facebook and LinkedIn users.
  • Chat tickets now have a signature option for agents.
  • Multiple form fixes, including validation for time-fields in forms.
  • You can now assign tickets to an agent directly from Outlook.
  • The settings page has undergone a design upgrade, including improvements to the user experience.
  • We’ve also made multiple GUI fixes, including pop-outs for inline images.
  • Finally, we’ve implemented security improvements both front- and backend to ensure a more secure experience for our users.

We’re always working to improve our product, and we hope these updates will enhance your experience and streamline your workflows. If you have questions, please contact our CSM team at