Reviews from Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice provides a platform to collect ratings & reviews for products in your webshop. It allows consumers to view moderated review content submitted by other consumers that may be relevant and/or helpful to the end users’ purchase decision.

Today, we found a great way to include these reviews into your Socialboard, to remain in full control of feedback from your customers.

By default, Socialboards provides you with an email address that will be on the receiving end of this integration. Simply navigate to “Alerts” in your Bazaarvoice account, and make sure that (myinbox) is mentioned as a receiver.

Setting up alerts in Bazaarvoice

When a client adds a review or question, Bazaarvoice will now create a ticket in Socialboards, to be handled by your customer success team through a permalink directly back to the platform.

We hope you enjoy this latest integration for your Socialboards Inbox!