New smart-filters to handle posts with a large number of comments on Facebook

To make the everyday work of a customer service agent easier, we included a new set of filters to help you spend your time more efficiently.

Once a Facebook post turns into a support ticket, we do a quick analysis and look for some key information. This in turn enables you to filter the post by different values, for example, comments that are …

  • yet to be handled by an agent (“unhandled”)
  • already handled by me
  • handled by me or one of my teammates
  • sub-threads that need attention
  • formulated as questions
  • containing language you might not want on your Facebook page
  • comments containing more than just an emoji/reaction/simple phrase

You can also search for specific content, using the search field next to the filters.

Try it out by clicking on a social media post inside your Socialboards Inbox.