July 2021 release summary

The July release has mostly been upgrading the platform with legacy code and improving a lot of the components that work “under the hood”. A few improvements were published however;


  • Option to remove avatars


  • ability to set values from query string for category custom fields
  • Mod11 account number verification in forms (Norwegian account numbers only for now)
  • ability to set max number of characters in a number field (forms)

Working with tickets

  • corrected height/width ratio of inline images (mostly applicable to emails)
  • optimized previews of large attachments
  • Ability to share custom filters with specific users
  • larger modal window when creating tickets internally and when forwarding tickets
  • Add ability to mark a custom filter as favorite and set order


  • Automatically add a tag using conditions in the rules engine
  • Added reply templates, signatures and attachments in forwarding form