Transparency and data processing across all channels made easy.

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Simple and safe GDPR-portal for Subject Access Requests (SAR).

  • All channels in one data file
  • Social media, chat and email
  • Identification and Validation

Subject access request (SAR) made easy. Secure user identification and export of omni channel data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and more.

GDPR portal. Define rules for handling privacy data. Detect, remove or anonymize privacy data instantly or according to your company policy, automatically and/or manually.

Full overview in the process. Monitor the customer process after the invitation to the GDPR portal has been sent.

All in one data file. Gather all privacy data, customer dialogue, attachments and unstructured data in one, easy to read-PDF for the customer.

Integration with other systems. Use our API’s to include data from other sources and receive the data file to include in the SAR-report.

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