Chatbot - A digital assistant on your team.

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Integrate a chatbot in Socialboards. Successful bot and man collaboration.

  • Chatbot Integration
  • 24/7 Availability
  • New 1. line Support
  • Collaboration

Chatbot integration – a digital assistant on your team. Fetch all your chatbot-dialogues in Socialboards. Monitor and collaborate smarter with bots.

24/7 availability. Chatbots are always available, providing instant response to requests – with no queues or latency. Unresolved requests are automatically or manually assigned to agents.

Make chatbot your new 1. line support. Reduce response time, and get fewer simple and repetitive inquiries to your agents. Thus, increasing both customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Bot- and agent collaboration.

Seamless collaboration for bot and humans provided. The chatbot hand over requests to agents when confidence score gets low. And agents may monitor and take over any bot dialogue on the fly.

Integrate a chatbot to your multichannel contact center solution today!

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