Live chats for your websites: smart widget


All-in-one customer service solution with live chats for your websites.

Customer messaging through live chat, offline forms – and frequently asked questions (“faq”) in one, simple support widget for your websites. All you need to deliver a great customer service experience for your customers.

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Customer service live chat for your websites. And more.

Chat løsning for kundeservice

Live chats for your websites.
Live chat customer service ticketing for your websites.

Chat live with your customers when they need you

Messaging – or “live chats” – is the new way businesses interact with their customers. Reduce the waiting and solve problems in record time with our new live chat solution.

Your customers’ support tickets can be assigned directly to a particular agent or group based on content and support attachments, emojis, voice messages, and much more.

FAQ solution included.

Let customers help themselves with an integrated, searchable FAQ.

Deliver help content to customers and scale your support with an integrated FAQ solution. Your customers can easily find answers without creating support tickets when they need it so that you have more time for the more complex support cases.

Assign a member of your team as FAQ editor, and publish articles on the fly to our support widget – with one simple click.

FAQ solution included.

Web forms for offline email ticketing
Web forms for offline email ticketing

Offline forms

If your chat team is unavailable, your customers can navigate to the integrated offline form, which you can easily customize with different categories and elements.

Our form builder offers several smart features, such as a function to automatically request additional information based on the content of the ticket.

The support tickets created from our web forms creates an email dialog with your customers, easily handled in your Socialboards Inbox.

Easy to install

Simple to install

Our customer support widget takes 5 minutes to install and is highly configurable.

As soon as you have registered, you get access to a script that you place on your website, and voilá – you’re in the process of offering customers a better customer experience through live chats on your websites.

From there you can customize colors and texts, opening hours and faq articles as you wish. With guidance from us.


Easy to install


Click the Chat icon in the bottom right to see how the solution works in real life. You can also see frequently asked trial questions in our faq here.

Give your customers the customer service experience they deserve with the Socialboards Support Widget and combine it with tickets from other channels supported by our customer service support system.

14 day free trial