What are the best live chat solutions for websites in 2020?

Today, most companies offer phone and email support, but the second generation of customer support, namely, live chat and social media, also has a fast-growing user base.

Research suggests that over the course of 2016 and 2017, customer service interactions through channels such as phone and email dropped by 7 % in the US. The option of chatting with a live customer service agent provides consumers with instant support and quick answers, and the latest live chat statistics show that live chat is a favorite communication channel among consumers. It is 100x faster than any other channels and 33 % of consumers now expect to see live chat services offered on every website.

Messaging – or “live chats” – is the new way businesses interact with their customers. By implementing a simple solution on your website, you’ll offer a great way to help improve your e-commerce sales and customer satisfaction while also converting more customers.

We know it is difficult to choose live chat software, and I hope that this article helps to shed some light on the software that is available:

1. Socialboards Chat

Socialboards Chat is a simple, customizable, and practical web-based software that allows you to chat with visitors and customers in real-time directly from your website. It’s integrated with ticketing inbox, which means that chat messages are converted into support tickets. In turn, the tickets are assigned directly to a particular agent or group based on content. Live Chat from Socialboards supports popular features such as queuing, attachments, emojis, voice messages, and much more.

Because your support might not be available 24/7, you can combine the live chat feature with a self-served FAQ and an offline form builder to handle customer inquires on evenings and weekends. By signing up and installing a “Magic Support Widget” on your website, you’ll have these 3 products up and running in 5 minutes.

Pricing starts at $29/month per user.


Live Chat for websites

2. Live Chat by Sumo.com

Live Chat by Sumo.com allows you to chat directly with customers, prospects, and visitors on your site. Sumo’s Chat tool is a new, more effective way for you to engage with site visitors to turn prospects into paying customers, help customers quicker, and grow your email list. Sumo.com is a marketing company, and therefore focuses more on the sales side of customer interactions.

Their basic subscription is free, and the pro subscription starts at $39/mo.

Live Chat from Customerly delivers an impressive combination of products. They let you handle chat messages, acquire leads, make video calls, and share screens in one, great solution. In other words, not only do they let you handle customer support, but also sales-related inquiries. According to their website, Customerly helps 3000+ worldwide companies to acquire, automate, and retain customers.
In addition, to live chat software for websites, they offer products such as a help center platform, sales marketing funnel, and in-app surveys.
Pricing starts at $0/month and includes 2 seats.