Handle multiple facebook pages from one inbox

Social Customer Service is an increasingly important activity for any company in 2020. Answering posts, comments, and messages (via Facebook Messenger) from your company’s Facebook page is quite a responsibility. Add a couple more pages to the mix, and you’re really in for a challenge. After all, handling multiple Facebook pages by using Facebook Inbox is not an easy feat.


Known challenges

Even though you might find a good flow, other challenges often surface when working with social customer service. If you’re a company with a certain amount of traffic in social media, we bet you ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Who should have access to our Facebook Inbox? 
    Usually, companies restrict access to their Facebook Inbox to a few vital resources.

  • Who is going to answer the customer?
    Customer service agents might not always have the correct information and spend a lot of precious time finding the right answer.

  • How can I assign the support ticket to another department? 
    Copying content from Facebook into emails is, unfortunately, often the answer. An inefficient and, in general, bad habit.

  • How do I separate comments that need answering, from simple mentions and emojis?
    Especially Facebook Posts can get long and messy. Regularly screening posts for questions and even sales signals from potential customers require a systematic and dedicated team.

  • How do I detect improper language – or even “troll-posts” – on my public page?
    We all like to answer our positive brand ambassadors. But even troll-posts can be turned into something positive if handled the correct way.

  • How do I handle angry customers in public posts?
    Not all your employees have insights, patience, and the skillset to reply in a way that makes your company look professional in a public arena.

Fortunately, there is a tool that provides a solution to all of these problems.


How to handle facebook more efficiently - social customer service


Meet Socialboards – the Social Customer Service tool for teams

Socialboards is a customer service tool that lets you regain control of your social media channels.

By connecting your Facebook Pages to a Socialboard, you’ll have full control of your messages. In seconds you’ll be able to handle posts, comments, reviews, shares – and Facebook Messenger – in one unified inbox. With another few clicks, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and Google Reviews will appear in the same feed.

Once installed, we’ll convert messages from your customer into customer support tickets. These tickets can, in turn, is handled by your team using a full set of features like:

  • assigning tickets to team members, or even external users in other parts of your organization
  • internal chats to handle each ticket more efficiently
  • categorize tickets automatically based on metadata (channel, account, content, etc.)
  • automatic detection of bad language, and troll-alerts
  • smart filters like “Essence”, “Questions”, “Unread comments”
  • much more

Sounds tempting? Follow the guide below to get started in 5 minutes.

Installing your first Facebook Page (or any social media account)

  1. To get started, you need a Socialboards account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up for a free trial here.
  2. Log in to Facebook as a page administrator in the same browser as your active Socialboards account.
  3. Go to Settings > Installation and choose Facebook from the list of social media channels.
  4. Choose “Install a page” and follow the guidelines from Facebook.

    Socialboards inbox for social media

  5. Socialboards will now list all the pages where you have an admin role. Choose the page you want to start working with and click “Ok.”

    Social customer service with socialboards


And voila – you’re done with the installation!

We’ll now start converting your conversations into customer support tickets. After a few minutes, these tickets are ready to be handled by yourself and your team.

Once you get going, you might even connect another channel to your Socialboards Inbox. Check this article about our new customer service widget for websites, which includes live chat, faq, and offline forms in a straightforward solution.