Inbox Everything

To succeed with customer service on social media you need more than just dedicated customer support agents. It is also crucial with a smart inbox that unifies requests from the various channels.


Everyone must pick up their mail from their mailbox. Imagine that you have to do it in ten different mailboxes. You don’t know if you’ve got any mail, still you need to check. Waiting too long may cause the senders to gather and start talking about how bad your services are. They feel that they are ignored and are provoked by the lack of feedback. Eventually, you’ll spend all your time looking for mail to avoid a bad mood, and you end up hiring more people to help you. The larger team makes it even worse to know exactly which mailboxes are checked and when, which letters are answered, and even worse – what the letters are all about. This could sound like a nightmare from the last century, but the description could fit with what actually happens when companies are dealing with customer dialogue on social media. To you, social media is more demanding than the letter mail.


Follow your customer

Your customers love social media. They use their favorite platforms to communicate all sorts of everyday-stories from their lives. And they talk to your company about your services. If you follow your customers, you can get super-loyal customers, who feel that they are being seen, and that you care for their problems. Sounds great! Your problem is just that the Social Media-platforms aren’t made for handling large number of tickets, or to be read by more than one person. They were made to check if the classmate is single, to reduce feelings of loneliness and for building personal relationships. Following your customers on the platforms of their choice, also includes to handle the messages on a bunch of different platforms. All at once, and preferably at any time – on interfaces that were not made for neither multi-agent nor multidialogue-handling.


One inbox for all channels

The more efficient would be to collect all your customer dialogues into one unified ticket inbox. – An intuitive and smart interface that gathers all social media in one and the same ticket handling view. You should easily get overview over where the messages come from, who handle the tickets, what has been read, answered and delegated, and when it happens. Your time should be spent directly on dealing with inquiries, rather than checking through several social medias.


Get properly notified

Lack of attention on critical inquiries on your pages could potentially harm your business. Socialboards now identifies and can notify you of harmful wordings, obscene words, and let you mute and moderate your social media. You are given full control of everything that happens in your channels, and get alerts if someone post personal information, add credit card numbers or disease history. Furthermore, the solution propose to remove or anonymize these and similar comments that should not be visible to anyone in your comment fields.


Learn from customer engagement

Use Socialboards to unify information from all your customer inquiries. Your customer engagement provides a powerful source of learning for the company. Let searches and topics addressed by your customers teach you what to focus on.

Customer service agents are not motivated by repetitive questions. Repeating questions should therefore be saved as reply-templates or placed in easily available FAQ articles. Hence, the customer service team may better serve the more rare and complex issues, and the customer may better help himself.


Get in control of social media

Socialboards provides full control over your social media channels. You can manage, assign, collaborate and solve social and digital dialogues easily.

The new inbox from Socialboards has even more features that remove inefficient and resource-intensive handling of customer inquiries on social media. You only need one inbox. Socialboards help you manage and grow your group of loyal customers. We take pride in improving your customer and employee satisfaction. 

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