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Vad är nytt i Socialboards

Vi får ett ökande antal förfrågningar om produktinformation, för vår programvara för helpdesk. Kolla in vår nya produktblogg för att se våra senaste releaser och produktnyheter, och registrera dig för vårt nyhetsbrev för att få nyheter via e-post:

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What is social media customer service?

Social media and customer service has proven to go hand-in-hand as the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and others keep growing. Basically, the concept of “being where your customers are” applies to companies that use social media as a tool to show customer care to their customers. Social customer service – a potentially exhausting […]

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Trustpilot ticketing with Socialboards

Trustpilot Reviews in Socialboards

With both praise and criticism out in full display, it’s vital to respond promptly to every review. Starting today, Socialboards customers can handle reviews and comments from Trustpilot to stay in control of your brand’s image and meet your customers’ expectations. Did you know that .. 85% of online shoppers trust reviews just as much […]

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Best way to use social media for business [updated 2020]

It’s almost unfair how much power the average client has over your brand in 2020. We live in a social media governed world, as what began timidly a decade ago, with people mostly connecting with their friends, evolved into a world-wide Agora. Today’s social media is a two-way communication channel with potentially millions of people […]

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Net Promoter Score

What is Net Promoter Score or NPS?

Net promoter score (NPS) – the gold standard of customer experience metrics NPS is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement taken from asking customers how likely they are to recommend your product or service to others on a scale of 0-10. You measure loyalty and customer satisfaction of a business. It is measured on a […]

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Handle multiple facebook pages from one inbox

Social Customer Service is an increasingly important activity for any company in 2020. Answering posts, comments, and messages (via Facebook Messenger) from your company’s Facebook page is quite a responsibility. Add a couple more pages to the mix, and you’re really in for a challenge. After all, handling multiple Facebook pages by using Facebook Inbox […]

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How to handle facebook more efficiently - social customer service