One Unified Inbox for all Support Tickets

Let your customer success team collaborate quickly and efficiently in a unified inbox.


Ticket Handling in the Inbox

Full Control of all your tickets

Let your team gain full control of all customer inquiries in one shared inbox. Lock a ticket to make it yours, or share internal notes within the team to solve the case quickly and efficiently.

One Unified Inbox for all Support Tickets

Smart filters gives you a complete overview

Tickets that Needs Attention – new tickets & new replies and comments – are easily available in the top left corner. This is the single most important filter in your SocialBoards Inbox. If there are no open tickets, it means you and your team are free to go to something else.

Smart Tags and discussions

Make a great foundation for great reporting

Automatically tag tickets on their way in, or do it manually as you go along. Tags gives your dashboards and reports a extra edge, as they allow you to see what topics are trending in the different channels you have connected.

Need to discuss a ticket before giving the customer her or his answer? Simply @ one of your team-mates, they will be notified right away and can easily help you out.

One Unified Inbox for all Support Tickets

Assign or Forward tickets both within and outside your team

Assign a ticket to a team-mate, or forward it to an external vendor or other people that can help you answer the customer. External helpers receives a one-time access link to the particular ticket, and can reply the customer without your involvement.

Make your customers happy

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