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Self-Service FAQ solution to provide your customers with the answers they are looking for

Traditional FAQ's vs SocialBoards FAQ's

Example of a traditional FAQ


Example of a SocialBoards FAQ

SocialBoards FAQ

6 Reasons why YOUR CUSTOMERS will love your SocialBoards FAQ

Fast Search

Give instant answers by offering a fast knowledgebase search engine.

Browse Hot Topics

Quick access to hot topics, most read by other customers.

Structured Information

Browse articles by Category to find information around any topic.


Automagically suggest articles as the customer is searching for topics.

Smart Sorting

Easy access to highest rated Articles within any Category.

Platform Independent

Works just as well on the customers phone as on pads and PC’s.

6 Reasons why YOU will love your SocialBoards FAQ

Reduce Inquiries

Lets your customer find answers to common questions by themselves.

Easy to Create Articles

Create new articles as you go, and Publish them with a single click.

Dashboards & Insights

Live Statistics gives you insight into most popular articles and votes from your customers.

No Installation Needed

Embed your FAQ on your website with a simple link – we’ll do the rest!

Publish to Facebook

Add an FAQ app to your Facebook Page to spread the knowledge.

Article Feedback

Get feedback on your Articles to make the right improvements.

Our Features includes

Video Supportoffice365-logo
Enhance your content by embedding images and videos.
Table of ContentsTable of Contents
Structure your information by adding TOC menus in your articles
Contact Form Includedoffice365-logo
If your customers still have questions, we provide a simple contact form for them to get in touch.
Google Analyticsoffice365-logo
Add your Google Analytics code to track visitors in your FAQ.

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Make your customers happy

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