Facebook Support tool. Handle Messenger, Wallposts and Ad Comments together as a team.

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Improve the customer service experience on Facebook - SoMe Inbox for teams.

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Facebook Messenger for customer service teams. Growing more popular amongst consumers. Route and manage all Messenger chats instantly with customers who prefer chatting with you one on one.

Customer service in Facebook Wall Posts. Monitor, moderate, and respond. Collaborate with the full overview, engage with the users, and moderate and capture questions within threads. Smart functionality puts you in control of all your public profiles.

Reviews. Reply to customers giving your company positive or negative feedback. Show the world that you value customer feedback.

Turn Facebook ads into tickets. Facebook is an effective marketing channel, allowing the audience to post comments that create valuable engagement that is visible to everyone.

Facebook Mentions. Monitor and turn Facebook Mentions into support tickets. Making sure that you never miss any signal from existing or potential customers.

Work in teams. Get the full overview, assign tasks and communicate internally on issues providing the best possible customer service through Facebook with Socialboards.

Insight. Statistics and Facebook analytics. What is your response time on Messenger? Does every post on the wall get the attention they deserve? Get to know your data from volume, response time and other valuable KPI’s for your customer service from one or many profiles.