How do we help one of the largest grocery stores in Norway improve their customer service across channels – also providing high standard GDPR and customer privacy.

About REMA 1000

Rema 1000 in Norway consists of an HQ in Oslo, 14 regional offices and 6 distribution centers. The main tasks of HQ include joint marketing and purchasing, finance and IT as well as operations, establishment and key support functions. The basic values are the backbone of Rema 1000’s corporate culture. This is a set of values created through the company’s history that all employees in Rema 1000 live by every day.

One core value: The customer is our boss!

The Challenge

In order for the customer to remain in charge, it’s important for Rema 1000 to maintain an active dialogue across all channels. Rema 1000 handles large amounts of customer requests on social media and from their own site daily. It turns out that many customers need a quick answer to simple questions, preferably without having to contact customer service. Rema 1000 also require full control of all inquiries from web, mobile, chat and e-mail.

The Solution

Socialboards FAQ provides Rema 1000 with a proactive self-help knowledgebase where the customers easily can find the answer to a question without contacting customer service. A powerful search engine and strong algorithms combined will sort the articles the best possible way for the customer. Socialboards customers have achieved a reduction in inquiries from using Socialboards FAQ. Socialboards Inbox provides Rema 1000 with a complete overview of the customer dialogue in social media i.e Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By working in a unified ticketing inbox Rema 1000 will be able to have a complete overview of all posts and tweets and also act on the most urgent matters. Customer service agents will save a lot of time replying from the inbox rather than finding the current post in one of the social media channels.

Portal for insight

REMA 1000 is very passionate about customer service success, and the right to access your own data is no exception. With Socialboards portal for insight requests, REMA 1000 can easily generate a data file that includes data from the customer dialogue and also includes data from other systems. This makes the process quick, clear and easy for all parties involved.

Feedback from Rema 1000

“We have been working closely with Socialboards and their amazing team since they started some years ago. Socialboards enables us to focus on our core values – every day: The customer is our boss.”