GDPR, privacy and customer service in social media. Our highest priority.

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Secure handling of customer dialogue for consumer and supplier.

  • Access requests
  • Secure data handling
  • Automatic deletion

GDPR facilitated. Our solutions provides functionality and processes for secure handling of all user data.

Access request portal. Let customers validate their profiles, and receive a generated data file with a full overview of stored data from social media, email and chat.

Privacy firewall. Option to geo-lock agent handling to agents within the EU-region.

Sensitive data. Our algorithms identifies sensitive content, sorts and flags actionable content. You are in control.

Stay in control of what’s being shared. Collaborate across the entire organization, without losing track of what information has been shared and forwarded through emails.

Automated deletion of personal information. Privacy data and related logs are deleted based on your preferred settings.

Access control. Socialboards supports Single sign-on (SSO), Two-factor authentication (2FA) and User Verification for new users in the organization accessing sensitive data.

Encrypted storage. Encrypted transfer. All data transfer is encrypted with SSL and TLS, ensuring the highest level of security through Microsoft Azure service for encrypted databases and unstructured data.

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