What is social media customer service?

Social media and customer service has proven to go hand-in-hand as the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and others keep growing. Basically, the concept of “being where your customers are” applies to companies that use social media as a tool to show customer care to their customers.

Social customer service – a potentially exhausting experience

Handling customer service in social media can be an exhausting experience. Social media platforms are developed to first and foremost optimize the user experience for the end-user, not the enterprise. The functionality and flow is simply not there. Also, as you add more pages and accounts, the number of comments increases – making a stressful workday for your employees.  So, to be able to handle a steady increase in support tickets from an increasing number of social media channels, a new type of software has emerged – called social customer service software. 

Social customer service software

Social customer service software allows companies to reach out to customers and users via social media outlets. They collect and organize mentions on such social media platforms as Twitter and Facebook, among others, and create tickets for support agents to best respond to mentions and provide proper service. These solutions are not only used by customer service teams but are also utilized by marketing teams that can promote brand awareness and turn customer concerns into positive advertising to a large audience of social media users.

Social customer service features are often provided by help desk software products, which collect customer inquiries from emails and specific user portals. Companies may use social customer service tools in conjunction with other social tools such as social media management, social media monitoring, and social media analytics tools.

Socialboards to the rescue!

With Socialboards, you can add as many social media accounts as you want to get full control of your social support tickets. We support all of the most popular platforms, including posts, private messages, reviews, ad-comments, and much more. Here is a detailed overview of what kind of support tickets will be created once you install your channels


Channel Description
Facebook Posts / Own posts
  • Agents, marketeers and sales can have a dialog based on the company’s own posts, comments, comment replies, likes, and reactions.
  • Own posts are usually marketing campaigns, in which the dialog turns into sales conversations. Our clients often put these tickets into a separate category, which is handled by both marketing, sales, and customer service. This includes comments, comment replies, and reactions from existing and potential customers.
Facebook Posts / Customers’ posts
  • Agents can have a dialog based on customers’ posts, comments, comment replies, likes, and reactions. 
  • We’re seeing a decrease in customers’ posts on your business pages, but we support them and give you the ability to handle them as tickets in the Socialboards Inbox.
Facebook Images
  • Images posted on your Facebook page
  • Reply to comments on images posted by your own company 
  • Reply and comment on pictures posted by your clients
Facebook Mentions
  • People might mention your company (page) in posts on other Facebook pages. These mentions also turn into tickets, which in turn can be handled through comment and comment replies.
Facebook Private Messages
Facebook Reviews
  • Respond to reviews from users on your Facebook page
Facebook Videos
  • Keep a running dialogue around videos posted on your Facebook page
Facebook Shares
  • Posts shared with your Facebook page by other users
  • People sometimes share news articles or other posts with you, to start a dialogue
Bots conversations
  • Dialog handled by bots on Messenger
  • More and more companies train bots to answer customers on Messenger
  • Socialboards can turn these threads into tickets, which in turn can be monitored and taken over by human agents, if necessary
  • Socialboards has integrations ready for different bot vendors, like Facebook Messenger Bots, ManyChat, Kindly, Boost.ai, Microsoft QnA Maker, and more.
Facebook Ads
  • Different types of marketing ads
  • As mentioned earlier, Socialboards supports video and photo ads, but we also include slideshows, carousel, and canvas ads
Twitter Private Messages
  • Direct Messages from Twitter
  • Keep a one-to-one dialog with your Twitter followers
Twitter Mentions
  • Turn Twitter mentions into tickets 
Instagram Tags
  • Turn #hashtags into support tickets
  • Unlimited amount of hashtags
Instagram Account
  • Follow up on messages written on your Instagram page
Instagram Mentions
  • Comment when your account is @mentioned on other Instagram pages
Instagram Photo Tags
  • Get notified and keep up the dialog when your account is mentioned in Instagram photos
Youtube Video Comments
  • Reply to comments on your Youtube videos
Youtube Discussions
  • Turn discussions into tickets by enabling discussions on your Youtube account
Linkedin Company Page Posts
  • Handle comments on Linkedin posts in your Socialboards inbox
Google My Business Location Review
  • Add reviews from all your Google locations (as seen on Google Maps) as tickets
  • Public reviews on GMB can not be hidden or removed, so gain a good public reputation by responding to Google Reviews. Customer service is the new marketing!
  • Improved Google SEO score is an important side-effect
Google My Business QnA
  • Write answers to public questions from users on your Google My Business entry
Reviews from Trustpilot
  • Handle reviews and comments from Trustpilot to stay in control of your brand’s image and meet your customers’ expectations
App reviews from Google Play Store and Apple Appstore (soon)
  • Reply to reviews for your mobile apps, from Google Play and Apple App Store to praise your fans and listen to less satisfied customers.