Get GDPR compliant with Socialboards

As of May 25 the General Data Protection Regulation, better known as the GDPR, came into force for all EU-citizens. Customer Service daily deals with user data. If user dialogues take place on multiple platforms it may be a challenge to ensure consistent and correct data processing at all levels.


Multi-channel dialogues and the GDPR

More and more companies use more channels to communicate with their market, but challenges follow the multi-channel availability.

With GDPR users now have the Right of access and the Right to erasure information stored about their activity. If information is to be distributed, consent from the user is required, unless the information is considered of legitimate interest to the user.

Providing information to users requesting access to the information stored about them could be time challenging and time consuming. What if there was a service that automized the process? The good news is; There is!

Automating Access Request

Basically, users should request access channel by channel. With Socialboards, users now can identify themselves in all the relevant channels in one portal, whether be it Chat, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others. Socialboards generates a data file for all channels based on the request, and voil√° – you have saved both the user and yourself from a whole lot of clicking!

Is the GDPR Module applicable for Socialboards modules only?

No, the GDPR Module from Socialboards may be used to collect user data from other systems too, and be distributed in the same data file.

Anonymization and detection of Sensitive Personal Data

More than ever, it is crucial to everyone working in Customer Service to be cautious and conscious with the user information received.

Socialboards solves the challenges with GDPR in customer service. The entire customer dialogue can be anonymized on your side, during the process or after closing the case. Also, a dialogue containing sensitive personal data is automatically flagged if sensitive personal data is detected.

All data is encrypted, both when stored and in traffic, and both structured and unstructured data, like images and attachments.


Would you like to know more about how Socialboards solves Customer Service issues related to GDPR and beyond? We would love to help you care for your customers and your business!