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How SocialBoards help REMA1000 with their new customer loyalty concept ‘Æ’

REMA 1000, discount banner of Norway’s Reitangruppen has launched a new loyalty programme, Æ, today.

When launching a new product or service, you want to make sure the customer has a smooth onboarding experience and a great first impression! In addition, capturing important feedback will guide you to make the correct improvements as you develop your new concept further.

So, when REMA 1000 – discount banner of Norway’s Reitangruppen –  launched a new loyalty programme “Æ”, today, they integrated SocialBoards both in their web- and app solutions to establish an open, fast connection to their customers. After only a few hours, the response from the market exceeded expectations, with hundreds of thousands of app downloads and tens of thousands of questions and feedback messages from new clients using the brand new service during the first 48 hours.

SocialBoards lets consumers using the app, the website and REMA1000’s social media channels get in direct touch with the REMA1000 communications team. The dialog is handled in their SocialBoard to help ensure that all clients receives an answer within a short timeframe.

To read more about the new concept “Æ” from REMA1000, check out their press release on their website (Norwegian)