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Product Updates

A couple of neat facebook improvements

Are you using SocialBoard to support your customers on facebook? Then we have great news! As of today, your SocialBoard has a couple of new features that will save you even more time when handling Facebook Wall tickets.

Hiding or deleting posts and comments 

Facebook offers a small menu to the right of any post or comment, that lets you hide or delete it. SocialBoards now supports the same function. When hiding or deleting a post or a comment, the message will disappear from facebook, and remain in your SocialBoards thread with a faded view.

Give it a try – both functions can easily be reversed using the same menu.



New comment detector – find new, unread comments with ease!

In this release, we also added a “new comment” detector that detects and presents any new comments or comment-replies in threads that has previously been closed.

This feature makes it even easier to see whats new in a thread, to make sure that all your customers that needs an answer has been properly handled.

By closing the ticket, the detector will reset, and look for any development in the thread. Whenever new comments comes in, your SocialBoard will let you know and present the comment with a blue side-bar to the right:



Permalinks on Comments

We also added permalinks on Comments in this release – a small but useful update.