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Press Release

Microsoft = our partners!

Getting things done at work means sharing information and collaborating with others.

But working together is complicated when different programs are used for email, instant messaging, scheduling, storing documents and so on. Office 365 Groups brings collaboration tools together so you can easily connect with colleagues, information, and applications you need.

Collaboration with Microsoft

To partner up with Microsoft means we`re collaborating to get your team working more efficient. So you can feel more at ease and give more attention to customers. We now have a microsoft connector for customer service!

Efficient teamwork

Now we have connected Social Boards as a way to communicate with your team better, to solve customer problems, questions and so forth faster. The SocialBoards connector notifies Office 365 Groups about new support tickets related to your SocialBoard account. You have the option to select tickets from certain categories and particular channels, or notify your groups about all new customer inquiries in your inbox.

In the future we will be working more with one of the biggest companies in the world to make sure we deliver something that suits your need better. Collaboration is truly the way to go in 2016!

What we do:

Ever been dreaming of your feed from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and mail in the same place? Well, with our Microsoft Connector you can! Get awesome at customer service by installing the plugin and gathering your teammates. You can now enjoy the ease of dealing with customer inquries with your colleauges, in one place. Our Windows 365 connector will be smashing, and we will continue develop it further and better. We are so excited for the future as we go on!