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Product Updates

Chat module launched!

SocialBoards newest edition to the customer service tools: The chat! It`s the fastest, most economical and easiest customer service tool.

Implement SocialBoards Chat to your website to instantly create a dynamic conversation with the visitors. Your team can interact more efficient with your customer. It can answer questions, create valuable insights and as a bonus: Create more sales. The fact is that people demand instant answers, and without it, they might go to your competitors instead.

Guide your visitors

Let`s say a customer are looking for something your business provides but are wondering what type of products is best to use, or best combined. As your workers can chat with them instantly, the visitors can be guided to make the right decisions. We have all experienced getting confused about various products, leading to the wrong choice or worse – going to another company.

We live in 2016, and the demands are high. Find the right tools to make sure you answer this urging need. The chat is a great start!

Five tips to get started with SocialBoards Chat function:

  1. Make sure at least one person is available on chat most of the workday.
  2. Teach your customer service about products and company to answer all questions.
  3. Build up a good self-serving FAQ – See here – to back up your customer service team.
  4. The chat is a great way to create «personal bonds» with your customer, so keep a personal and friendly tone.
  5. Learn from the customers. The chat gives you valuable insights so be sure to analyse it for later use.

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