Privacy Statement

Personal information is treated confidentially by SocialBoards and our customers.

As a registered user you are accepting that all information you register is stored in a database. Personal information will not be shared with third party but could be used for frequently asked questions to benefit other users.

You are fully responsible for all activities going through your own user account. If you are suspecting any suspicious activity or suspecting a breach of security related to your account, contact SocialBoards as soon as possible. SocialBoards can not be held responsible for hacking or similar activities that could result in the loss of data or breach of privacy.

By using SocialBoards you accept the usage of cookies, information saved to your computer. It is possible for you to turn of the use of cookies on your computer, but this would result in limited functionality from parts of the SocialBoards solution.

SocialBoards reserves the right to share any information to law-enforcement, to abide by current Norwegian laws and regulations.