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Case study: Grocery store chain Rema 1000

How we help one of the largest grocery stores in norway improve customer service.

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SocialBoards Omnichannel Support Ticket Notifications Now Available for Microsoft Office 365 Groups

(Oslo/San Francisco, August 15th 2016) SocialBoards today announced that it will launch its Microsoft Office 365 Groups Connector as part of the company’s multichannel ticketing and self-service support system. SocialBoards’ Office 365 Groups Connector is a significant element in further enabling companies to improve their customer dialog.

SocialBoards lets companies unify their dialog from all their favorite channels. The SocialBoards platform collects, publishes and synchronizes with every customer contact point, to give a complete overview of agent posts on dialog with customers. Connecting Office 365 Groups to SocialBoards multichannel ticketing system underlines SocialBoards continued dedication to simplifying customer dialog, while also providing insight to reduce cost and increase customer loyalty.

“In today’s competitive environment, Customer Service is more important to any company than anything else. Working with Microsoft means we`re collaborating to get your team working more efficiently, feel better and give more attention to customers and their inquiries – in all channels,” said Anne Kristine R. Grude, CEO, SocialBoards.

Customer service agents working in SocialBoards every day and handling customer inquiries from social media, email, chat and web forms needed a way to escalate tickets to other departments easily. The challenge was to provide other departments with the same information regarding the inquiry, while at the same time providing customers answers through SocialBoards as quickly as possible.

For companies using Office 365, escalating a ticket from SocialBoards to the right Office 365 Groups solves this problem. Other departments are instantly updated and can reply without delay. The SocialBoards Office 365 Groups Connector, integrating SocialBoards and Office 365 Groups, brings the whole company closer to its customers and the channels through which they communicate.

“Office 365 Groups was designed to enhance collaboration,” said Rob Howard, director of ecosystem at Microsoft. “We’re pleased to see SocialBoards execute on its commitment to customer service through this integration.”  SocialBoards Office 365 Groups Connector is a great way to escalate customer inquiries from SocialBoards to an Office 365 Groups. A user can connect their group to SocialBoards and get notified of the group’s activity in SocialBoards. Office 365 Groups Connectors make it easier for an Office 365 group to stay in sync and get more done.

SocialBoards Office 365 Groups Connector will be available in Outlook 2016, Outlook on the web, and the Groups mobile app for iOS and Android.

About SocialBoards
SocialBoards simplifies the customer dialog in social media and other digital channels for B2C companies by reducing response times and the overall number of inquiries. We also provide companies with the insight they need to reduce cost and increase customer loyalty.

For more information, please contact:
Anne Kristine R. Grude
Phone +47 90 50 80 58  e-mail:


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Jeanette Johnsen, Senior Communication Executive, REMA1000

“REMA 1000 have been working with SocialBoards and the fantastic team since they first got started. SocialBoards helps us deliver on our most important core value – every day: Our customer is our boss.”

Jeanette Johnsen, Senior Communication Executive, REMA1000
Morten Skjelbred,Engagement & Content Manager, Telia Norway

“Thanks for your great responsiveness and always having an answer to our questions! You respond quickly and deliver the features we need. Its a real joy to work with you :-)”

Morten Skjelbred,Engagement & Content Manager, Telia Norway
Oddbjørn Sjøgren, CTO, YAY Media

For our company, distributed across multiple geographical locations across the globe, it has been vital to have a great service to coordinate the dialog with the customer in all our channels. SocialBoards is the perfect solution for this challenge. Easy to get started, easy to use and dedicated professionals that has taken our needs seriously.”

Oddbjørn Sjøgren, CTO, YAY Media
Kristian Blixhavn Jakobsen, Salesmanager Social Media, DNB

“SocialBoards has been openly embraced by our customer service agents who deals with a large quantity of customer engagements on social media daily. The feedback from the users are that they gain a quick overview and that the user interface in SocialBoards makes it easier to cooperate with multiple team-members on the engagements.”

Kristian Blixhavn Jakobsen, Salesmanager Social Media, DNB
Andreas Jakobsen, Kundeservice agent, Telia Norway

“To have all these services unified in one system, streamlined our customer service! With SocialBoards as a hub, we can respond to our customers faster and more efficient.”

Andreas Jakobsen, Kundeservice agent, Telia Norway
Nils Arne Hågensen, Webeditor, LO Favør

“With SocialBoards we not can easily follow up questions and stay on top of the dialog with the customer. It is a brilliant tool and was a major part of our success in our campaign. Highly recommended!”

Nils Arne Hågensen, Webeditor, LO Favør